The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

A Silent Play in the Shadow of Power

Iceland is a volatile and active country.  It was formed million of years ago as a result of the divergence of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates which allowed magma to rise from within the earth and surface at the sea bed where it then cooled to formed rock.  Over time this rock mass grew and grew until it stood proud out of the Atlantic ocean and eventually formed the island as we see it today.  Even now, millions of years later, Iceland is still active - fumaroles spew out clouds of vapour and sulphur, geysirs powered by natural gases launch scalding water high into the air, volcanoes grumble and stir as the magma beneath them shifts uneasily within the rock below, and glaciers scour their way across the lands surface before breaking into great blocks of ice to either melt or make their way to the coast.

And yet, despite its violent birth and the perpetual rumblings below its surface Iceland is also a land of calm, peace and tranquility.  Away from the hubbub of the capital and the tourist hotspots there is something to be found in Iceland that remains so rare on this earth - a land still relatively untouched by the hands of man.  There is a peace to be found in Iceland that only the landscape can provide, a sense of connection to the land and a deep feeling of inner calm and contentment.

The series of images that form this gallery seeks to portray this sense of calm; showing that, even though there may be violence and tumult on the worlds stage below the ground, on the surface a different scene unfolds, a scene of serenity and peace; a silent play in the shadow of power.