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Ilford Photo Website Article

I got contacted by Ilford photo a few or two ago asking if I would be interested in having a little article/interview on their newly revamped website (check it out, it's great).  This would take one of my images and go into a little of the background detail - shooting conditions, challenges, processing etc; a little like the "Behind the Print" articles which I sometimes post on this site.

Naturally I agreed straight away and a few emails bounced back and forth.  The article is now up on the website and you can find it here if you want to have a read.  The image chosen by Ilford was "Jokulsarlon Two" from my recent Iceland series.


I will be writing some more "Behing the Print" articles focused on my Iceland proejct prints once I have finished my house move and got my computer etc setup again (and started work building my new darkroom of course).  But until then hopefully this article should keep the curious among you satisfied for now.

As always if you have any questions about my prints, any darkroom technique queries or just want to say hi I am only an email away.

Until next time, happy printing.

The Great Post-Project Vacuum

Perhaps over the past few weeks whilst you have been busy buying a coffee from your favourite coffee shop, laying in your bed in the arms of your lover, or sat trying to decide which of the three Lord of the Rings films is best (it's The Two Towers, fact) maybe your mind has wandered momentarily and you have found yourself pondering what I have been up to since the launch of my recent Iceland project.

A fine question to ask, the answer to which is - absolutely nothing at all.  Well, photographically speaking anyway.  In life a very great deal has been going on.  After much consideration Mrs. Kirby and I have decided to quit our jobs, leave our house, up sticks and move to the South Lake District (Cumbria).  We have found a nice little cottage in the middle of nowhere, I have a new job lined up and best of all I am now only half an hour away from the fells and lakes! 

The Fells, for those of you reading this who don't know, are the mountains of the Lake District.  Mountains here in the UK don't get tremendously huge like they do in the Alps and Rockies etc, however we do get the intense mountain conditions a lot lower down than our European counterparts because of our climate.  Our three highest peaks are Ben Nevis, Scotland which is 1345m, Snowdon, Wales which is 1085m and Scafell Pike, England which is 978m.  Such heights may seem laffable to anyone reading this who frequents larger European ranges but these are the mountains we have and we love them.

Now that I am much closer to the outdoors I will (hopefully) be able to get out into the mountains a lot more.  Plus, now that I have a kayak (which I found for £30 by the way) I will be able to get out onto the water too.  I am hoping that this will give my landscape photography a little kick after finishing off my Iceland series and will mean that I have a more regular stream of images being uploaded.

Ah but now for the question on all of your lips - what fo your darkroom Dave?  Alas I do not think that the shed darkroom will survive being dismantled so I have decided to strip it out as best I can and move all my gear up with me.  There is no space for a darkroom inside my new house so alas I am ahving to switch to a hybrid process.  No more printing, just developing and scanning film...

JOKE!  Never in a million years!

One of the most winderful things about the new house is that it has a large stone outbuilding in the back garden.  I am hoping to stud wall it out, get it insulated and palsterboarded and build for myself a really good darkroom that should last a lifetime.  I should be able to get it plumbed in and wired up meaning that I will finally be able to build a alrge sink and use that for my processing, as well as having room for a little print finishing and mountian station.  It is going to take some time and effort to get it all setup but once done it should be great.  Who knows, I may even try to start doing workshops and photo trips if anyone would be interested.

I am moving in 3 weeks time and I have got lots of packing and preparation to do so I may be quiet on the website fornt ofr a while.  I will let you all know how the move and darkroom setup goes though once I get started on it.  Whatever you are working on I hope it is going well.

Until our next rendezvous, happy printing!

Iceland Project Launch & Website Updates

Greetings friends!

Yes, what better way to start this long-time-coming post than with an over-friendly salutation.  The time has come at last for me to share my Iceland project with you all - justification enough for such a vigorous introduction.

It's taken a long time (mostly due to some laziness on my part) but the Iceland prints are now all finally finished, digitised and up for display on my galleries page.  The project is (oh so deeply) entitled A Silent Play in the Shadow of Power and consists of 30 landscape images from across the island.  It would be great to get feedback from you all if you feel inclined to have a look through the gallery and have any thoughts you'd like to pass on.  At some point in the future I will do a few "behind the print" articles about some of my favourite images from the gallery so you can see how I made them; you never know, you may pick up a few ideas.

In other news, the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a few website updates that have gone live.  A few tweaks to the layout here and there to freshen it up a bit.  The main change is a new cover page which you should have landed on when you hit  This page is a cover advertising the new Iceland gallery with a link to take you there and some changing images from the gallery in the background - I think it looks quite good if i'm honest!

The other tweak to the website is a new page entitled "print sales" - a fairly self-explanatory title.  The page contains a form where you can inquire about purchasing a print of one (or more if you're keen) of my images, printed and finished by me in my darkroom.  If you are interested just fill in the form to make contact and we will get the ball rolling.

That's about it for now.  I am going to relax a little and spend some time networking to see if I can get the project published somewhere on some websites or in some magazines (a long shot but one must try).  After that I have some toning tutorials to write up and share and lots of negatives from Scotland and Canada to get to work on - a printers work is never done!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and looking at my new gallery.

Until next time, happy printing!