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Hello and welcome to my journal.  Here I will post all of my tutorials, articles and interviews with other photographers for you to read if you wish.  I intend to keep it regularly updated with the goings-on in my life, things that inspire me and with details of how I make many of my prints.  I am hopeful that this journal will provide you with something that will help you in your own adventures with film and print, or will give you something to keep you ticking over until you can get out to shoot.  I am always happy to hear from my fellow photographers so please feel free to comment on and share these articles.

To start reading my most recent journal posts simply click on the images below.  I have also added links to my INstagram page for a behind the scenes look at my life in general.  Also you can filter my posts by category and look at older posts using the links towards the bottom of the page.  I have also added an RSS feed link which will allow you to follow my posts using Feedly or another reader if you would like to do so.

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