The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

Hothouse 2014 - 25th October, Manchester, UK

Rather excitingly I have been accepted to give a short presentation about my landscape work at Hothouse 2014, presented by Redeye.  Redeye are a non-profit organisation based in Manchester, UK who offer support for photographers by hosting regular events such as networking meetings, classes, seminars and workshops.  I stumbled upon Redeye a few weeks ago when I spotted an article online saying they were looking for people to apply to give a presentation about their work.  A bit of further investigation revealed that this is quite a popular event whose main focus is to showcase different photographers working in the region and give them the opportunity to talk a little about themselves and their work, and, being based in Manchester which is only half an hour away from me, I decided to apply.  I thought it would be a good time to start getting my website out there a bit - I don't really know much about the photographic goings-on in my local area, or indeed nationwide, as I have spent most of my photographic life either out taking photos, in my darkroom or scanning prints.  Now with my new site up and running I feel like I should be putting it to good use by starting to try and reach a few people and getting more involved in the photographic community, not just posting on forums and social networks but actually meeting people and presenting my work in person. 

Naturally I was expecting refusal, but happily I received an email a few days later saying that they wanted me to present a ten minute talk about my landscape work.  Which is very exciting for me, but also marginally terrifying at the same time.  I'm currently still ruminating (a great word) upon what to actually talk about but I think I have a good idea forming, I will just have to see how it comes together.  If you are in the area and are free it would be great to see you there, if not then I will hopefully be posting a video of the day as my mum has ordered me to record it so she can see it.  I am not sure yet what time I will be presenting, that has yet to be confirmed, but once I know I will post an update here and on my social networks.

The event is on from 10am to 5pm on Saturday the 25th of October and will be taking place in Manchester Central Library, St. Peters Square, Manchester, UK, M2 5PD.  Here is a list of all the photographers who will be presenting their work:

Alastair Ross
Alexandra Davies
Andrea Allan
Andrew Duncan
Anna Block
Dave Allen
Gordon Jackson
Heather Lawrence
James Lacey
James Parker
Johnathan Clover
Malcolm Davies
Pat Walton
Shiam Wilcox

Jan Chlebik - Keynote Speaker

I am looking forward to listening to the other photographers presentations, particularly Alastair Ross who is based in Sheffield and has some interesting landscape images of the Peak Distritct - somewhere i don't get to often enough, Anna block who has some interesting-looking shots and James Lacey who explores abandoned buildings - something I like to dabble in. 

Originally I was going to have to leave after my presentation to take Jess to Liverpool so she can perform some Bridesmaid duties but that has been cancelled now (the duties, not the wedding) so I am hoping to stick around for most of the day and listen to the presentations/meet with fellow photographers.  It should be a good day, and no doubt I will end up going for some tasty food afterwards.  Did somebody say ribs...?