The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

These Are Busy Times

I am highly aware that I haven't posted a new blog here in quite a while.  That thought has been in the back of my mind over the past few weeks, eating away at me.  It's been a busy time lately what with work and the holidays, plus I am playing guitar in a wedding band in a few weeks so we've been practicing loads lately; so I haven't really had any time to print or even do some scanning and blogging. 

I have a few things in the pipeline though.  Eagle-eyed observers and/or those who are subscribed to any updates on this site may have noted a new print appearing in my Landforms gallery.  Once I have finished scanning the work prints I will be writing an article about how I made the final print.  Plus I am off work this week and am part-way through creating a new print from an oldish negative taken on the east coast of England last year.  As well as that Jess and I are planning to head up to the Lake District together tomorrow for a saunter round with the dog and (hopefully) some photography.  On top of all of this I am doing a rough "mental draft" for some future tutorials, specifically ones covering toning as a number of people have been in touch requesting some information on this subject.  I also need to get some customer orders printed and posted for those who have requested to purchase prints from me.

It seems there is always something to do, which I guess is no bad thing what with "the devil finding use for idle hands" and all.  So, keep checking back if you like - hopefully i'll get more on top of updates and new articles over the coming days and weeks.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and aren't too sad to be back at work!