The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

The Fall Of Man

In a moment of weakness I have done the very thing that I have been swearing for years never to do, I have joined Instagram.  Some of you reading this will likely be sighing deeply and shaking your heads in despair.  I know guys, I know.  But lately I have been thinking it would be a good platform for posting "behind the scenes" images from when I am out shooting and as it is a network based entirely on images it may get my prints out to a wider audience.  "But what of the terms and conditions" I hear you cry?!  "Instagram will own any image you upload and can use it for whatever they want"!  Well yes that's true but let's face it - I am unlikely to ever become a photographic legend who can sell a print for thousands of pounds.  I think the likelihood of Instagram using my images for their devious purposes is significantly less than the benefit of using it to reach a wider audience.  But who knows, I may change my mind in the future.  For now though, should you desire to follow me on Instagram, my user name is (inevitably) twelvesmallsquares.  Maybe I'll see you there, maybe I won't.

On another not you may be wondering where the heck I've been lately.  The simple answer to which is "not in the darkroom".  Appalling I know.  I haven't been in there in weeks and I haven't shot a roll of film in weeks.  I really need to give myself a slap and get that sorted don't I?

However, I do have a new image in my landforms gallery which I will be writing a "behind the print" article on.  Plus i hope to have a sepia toning tutorial uploaded in the next few weeks as that has been requested by a number of readers.  I am also busy planning my trip to Iceland in May.  I cannot wait for this trip as Iceland has been a dream destination of mine for many years!  I guess it's time to buy a 10 stop filter! 

Please don't despair, I promise I'll update this blog more often, I feel like I'm letting all my readers down!  

One more thing that has happened lately is that a number of you have been emailing to say hi and have a chat.  This has been wonderful, I absolutely love hearing from you all and its great getting to know you all as we chat.  It's also nice to read your comments on my articles and to help answer any questions you might have.  Please let me encourage you to say hi if you haven't done so already and lets talk about this wonderful hobby of ours!

Until my next post (which will be soon, I promise) get out shooting and get those prints made!