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Getting Sidetracked, But In a Good Way...

I had the best intentions today, honestly I did.  Jess was planning on heading to the gym for a few hours this afternoon (lame) and so I promised myself some darkroom time.  The plan was to get all the chemicals warmed up, work on some prints that a few people have ordered and then make some prints that I could start basing some toning tutorials on.  I know I have been promising these tutorials for ages, they're coming, I promise!

Anyway, on with the narrative.   My plans were laid out, I could almost smell the chemicals heating up.  After a trip to the shop to get our weekly food and a quick walk of the dog I sat on the couch to have a drink and catch up with some administration.  Well, I say administration,  really I was just fiddling about on my phone.  I tend to check my local classifieds semi-regularly for items of interest - old furniture I can do up and old darkroom papers which people are getting rid of.  I decided to scroll through the film cameras section and right there at the top was one of the greatest things I have ever seen.  Hasselblad 500cm with back and 80mm T* lens... for £125.  I'll let that sink in for a moment.  Further investigation revealed the seller also had a 150mm Sonnar T* lens up for grabs for £60, plus an additional matte focusing screen for £10.  Straight away I was on the phone arranging to meet the seller.

The advert revealed that the camera wasn't in the best condition, but who cares as long as the shutter fires ok.

I showed up at the seller's house, looked over the camera and whipped out my wallet.  Rather wonderfully the camera came with a small canvas Billingham camera bag.  When I got home I started playing around with the camera and found lots of extra items in the bag - a polarising filter, a diopter, an extension tube/teleconverter, a lens shade for the 80mm, an adjustable accessory shoe and a ground glass adapter.  All-in-all somewhat of a steal at £195!  Well, I think so anyway.

 Feast your eyes!

Feast your eyes!

Of course the proof is in the pudding!   I shall have to run a roll or two through it and see what happens.  I am not sure yet if I will keep it, a few sessions should see how I get to grips with it

Anyway, you should all be suitably jealous by now!  Unless you're not a fan of Hasselblads of course!

Now, I promise I will get back on track with writing these toning tutorials, plus I have a new "your new favourite person" article in the pipeline which I hope you will all enjoy.  Oh, and also some exciting (for me) news which I will share in an upcoming post.

Until next time friends, happy printing!