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A Rare News Update

I don't normally post news updates from the world of photography on this site for many reasons, the main one being that as soon as any form of news comes through regarding the discontinuation of a certain film, the closing of a factory or someone getting their images stolen the internet explodes and the same thing gets shared on social media and forums over and over and over and over and over and over and over again for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks.  In my articles on this site I try to maintain focus on the sharing of knowledge through my tutorials and, hopefully, giving people an insight into how I go about my printing.

That being said there is some news which has come to light lately which I am eager to share.  If you are reading this post I am going to assume that you have at least a passing interest in landscape photography as that is the main focus of most of my work and what I write about the most on this site.  The good news is this - Tim Rudman (one of my favourite contemporary landscape photographers) is bringing out a new book and undertaking a touring exhibition of the featured work later this year. 

I am extremely grateful to Tim for one main reason - his books really helped me out when I first started with film photography.  I have three of Tim's books in my possession - The Photographer's Master Printing Course, The Master Photographer's Lith Printing Course and The Master Photographer's Toning Book.   All three of these tutorial books have been and still are invaluable to me as a source of knowledge; the toning and lith printing books in particular are THE tomes to reach for when desirous of expanding your printing repertoire.  As regular readers of this blog will know I am currently in the process of drafting a series of print toning tutorials which I will be uploading here over the coming months.  Much of what I heave learned about toning has come from following the advice within Tim's toning book.  Hopefully you aren't all unfollowing this blog and heading to right Amazon now!

A designer's impression of Tim's new book.

The difference between this new book and Tim's previous books is that this is not going to be a tutorials book, but rather a book featuring Tim's excellent landscape work from his many visits to Iceland.  As most of you will know Iceland is the grail of landscape photography so in my eyes Tim Rudman + Iceland = book definitely worth buying!  Tim has set up his own publishing company to create the book so i'm sure you all, along with myself, all wish Tim the best in this venture.

Let's talk details.  The book is entitled "Iceland - An Uneasy Calm" and will be a cloth-bound hardback with dust cover.  Bill Schwab has written the foreword and there will be approximately 100 plates of Tim's fibre-based prints featuring the classic toning combination of thiourea (sepia) and selenium.  The first printing of the book will be limited to 1,000 copies and deluxe copies will also be made available in a clamshell case with a limited edition silver gelatine dual toned print from the book.

I tend not to buy many non-tutorial books as, generally, they cost a fair amount of money and, if I ever have that kind of money to spare, it's going to go on film, chemicals and paper.  However I love Iceland and I love Tim's work so really, how can I not get this book?  And if the success of this book leads to a traveling exhibition how can I not attend to see Tim's prints in real life?  That's what it's all about isn't it - seeing prints in the flesh instead of online!  Plus, Tim has mentioned that should his publishing business be a success he may well reprint his toning book at a more affordable price than it currently is on the used market.  Hurrah!

If you have not already been I urge you to head over to Tim's website and look at his exemplary work.  Also, sign up to his newsletter where he regularly updates us all with the latest developments (i'm so sorry) in the world of lith printing.  Tim is also on Facebook and can be regularly found posting and helping out on the darkroom group and the lith printing group, both of which I urge you to join if you aren't members already.

Hopefully this has been of interest to some of you and maybe even introduced you to yet another great film photographer and darkroom printer.  Until next time, happy printing!