The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

Iceland Prints Update

Hi all, I just thought i'd let you all know how my prints from Iceland are shaping up.  At the moment i'm getting my butt kicked around the darkroom by some of these negatives, but i'm persevering!  I have one final print that i'm definitely happy with, a few i'm still tweaking and loads which haven't even been removed from their negative sleeves yet.  I am trying to do something a little different than usual (for me anyway) with this set of negatives.  All of my landscape prints thus far have been separate - individual prints all collected together into my Landforms gallery.  With these negatives I am trying to print them as a single body of work, meaning I am trying to make them all have a similar "look".  They will all be printed on the same paper (Ilford MG FB WT) using Ethol LPD 1:3 and toned in Selenium 1:20 to boost the blacks whilst mostly preserving the tonality of the paper.  The main problem is in keeping highlight and shadow tonality consistent across the series.  For example I have been working on a mountain shot the past few days which I was almost happy with.  Then I got it inside and, compared to my other prints, noticed the highlights are too dark and so the print doesn't really fit in with the others so far.  Ah well, it's something to learn from!  I'm sure I will get there in the end. 

Hopefully I will start scanning and sharing my prints on my social media sites soon (i've done a few posts on Instagram and VSCO over the past few weeks), but will probably wait until they are all done and dusted before sharing then here on my galleries (I may do a few blog posts though).  So, feel free to join me on Twitter, Instagram, VSCO Cam and Facebook to see my posts about printing these negatives.

In the meantime I am working on some tutorials on toning and making/reading contact sheets which should hopefully be up soon.  Also  I have put a few feelers out regarding some more "Your New Favourite Person" articles as it's always nice to find new photographers isn't it?

I think that's about everything for now.  Until our next meeting, happy printing!