The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

First Iceland Print - Godafoss Waterfall

After many many many hours sat in front of my damn computer scanning, stitching and editing my first print from my Iceland negatives is ready for its digital debut.  This was taken at Godafoss Waterfall using my trusty Bronica SQ-A (and my broken tripod) with a 10 stop filter.  Film was, of course, Ilford FP4+ and was developed in Rodinal 1:50.  The print was made using Ethol LPD diluted 1:3 and Ilford MG FB WT paper which was subsequently selenium toned in KRST 1:20 which boosted the blacks without changing the shadow tones too much.  

I found this location very hard to shoot. It's more suited to a rectangular composition I think as it's so wide and not very tall.  However, after managing to make my way past the crowds of tourists intent on standing in front of everything they can find whilst pulling out their selfie sticks, i found this spot which i thought was a little different from the norm.  A lot of pictures of Godafoss are taken from the large rock outcrop to the left of this location which gives an unrestricted view of the falls.  However out of necessity I needed something to frame this shot otherwise it just wouldn't work, plus I wanted to get a little lower to shoot the front of the falls.  A bit of investigation yielded this location with these mini cliffs which acted as nice borders to the bottom of the print and allowed me to get a bit lower to ground level without losing a good view of the fall.  I think the composition works and I'm happy with the final look of the print.  What do you reckon?


Time to get scanning the next one now! How I loathe this step of the process!

Happy printing everyone.