The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

And Special Thanks Go To...

Clive Vincent.  "What for?" I hear you cry?!  Well, BEHOLD!

Yes, at last I am in possession of a 4-blade easel.  I have been keen to get one of these for a while now as being able to place your image in the centre of the paper appeals to me and let's face it, a good quality easel can only make life easier!

Clive Vincent got in touch with me and offered the above easel which he advised needed a little TLC but was mine if I wanted it.  Wanted it I did so I booked a courier and upon my arrival home today there was a large parcel awaiting me.   It needs a little work - the base is warped slightly and it needs a little cleanup but i'm sure my DIY skills are up to the challenge!  So this post is mainly to boast about my new easel and to thank Clive for his very kind gift!  Thanks Clive!

P.S. - my contact sheet tutorial is imminent, I am hoping to have it posted here before the weeks is through!