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Webiversary Print Giveaway!

Hi everyone!  I have some exciting (well, for me anyway) news to share with you all.  This week marks the 1 year anniversary of when I first moved over from and launched this site!  It's been a busy year indeed but it has been great having this site out there and hearing from so many of you from all around the world. 

As a thank you to you all for your support and feedback over this inaugural year I would like to host a little competition.  The grand prize is a copy of what seems to be my most popular print...

I am giving away an 8" x 8" copy of this printed on Ilford MG FB Warmtone paper and toned with selenium toner.  The print will come unmounted and with a signed certificate of authenticity.

How to Enter

If this is something you are interested in winning then there are a few ways to enter the contest as outline below:

On this site... To enter through this site simply write your name in the comments section at the bottom of this article.  At the same time feel free to add a sentence or two about something you would like to see me write about/do on this site.

Facebook...  If you follow me on Facebook then simply tag yourself (and a friend you think may be interested if you like) in the comments on the post for this article and share the post to your page/a relevant group.

Twitter...  If you follow me on Twitter then just re-tweet the tweet of this article, perhaps tagging someone else you think may find it interesting.

Instagram... If you follow me on Instagram then just comment on the photograph of this print which I will be uploading shortly after posting this article, tagging a friend who you think may be interested too.

Competition Rules

You may be wondering why I am asking you (if you are inclined to do so) to tag friends and share posts.  Well, the more people that enter the contest, the more copies of the print I will be giving away.  If I get up to 25 entries then 1 copy of the print will be available, if I get up to 40 entries then 2 copies of the print will be given away, and if I get up to or over 60 entries then 3 copies of the print will be given away.

All names will go into a jar and Mrs. Kirby will pull out the relevant number of names.  Once done I will get in touch with you for your address and your print will be on its way to you shortly thereafter.  Your name will go into the jar once for each entry on each platform.  That means that if you enter on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram your name will go into the hat three times.  This competition is open to everyone around the world (hopefully I won't get hit too hard on postage costs).

The closing date for the competition will be in 1 months time - 6pm on September 15th.

Just one thing to bear in mind - due to everyone's computer monitors and phone screen being setup differently the print you receive is likely to look different to what you see on the screen.  It shouldn't be too much of an issue but I hope you aren't disappointed when you receive the real print.

So, that's about it.  If you enter then may fortune be with you.

And I just want to say thanks again to everyone who has shown me support over the last year, be that through email, comments or social networks etc, I really do appreciate it all and it has been great getting to know you all over the past year.

All the best, Dave.