The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

Rather Strange

I am currently sat in a nest.  And the nest is glorious.  When I say nest I mean two large sofas pushed together in front of the tv with a table laden with pizza, chocolate and crisps located within easy reach.  Standard fare for a Sunday evening in the Kirby household.  Now, why am I talking about my slobbing habits on my photography blog?  Well, I find myself pondering inspiration, more specifically when and where it strikes.  My reason for this ponderance is that whilst out walking my dog in the park earlier I was suddenly hit out of nowhere with an idea for a series.  Not an amazing idea, mind, but one I can sit on for a while and maybe develop in the future.  This, for me, is a big thing because I really struggle with coming up with series ideas (as my galleries will testify); I find it much easier to create singular images than a group of coherent ones, I wonder if that's the same for everyone.  I find it strange when inspiration strikes because it often has little or nothing to do with my surroundings. Perhaps it's that sometimes our minds are just in a fertile state and something clicks.  Hmmm.  What about you guys, how do you find inspiration strikes?  I'd be interested to hear.

Anyway, ponderance over - it's time to eat and slob.