The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

Event: Lancashire Monochrome

Hi all!  Apologies for being so quiet lately, it has been a busy time changing jobs, being ill and, most importantly, working my way through my Iceland negatives.  As I write this I am currently part-way through toning what I hope will be my first final print form these negatives.  Hopefully the rest will follow quickly! 

In other news I am off the to isle of Skye next Saturday (jealous?!) for a week with Mrs. Kirby (and Ellie of course) in a lovely cottage.  No doubt I will get lots of photography done and will have some negatives to drop straight into once I have finished my Iceland ones.

Now to the main point of this post.  I have been approached by the chairman of Lancashire Monochrome (a local photography group) to give a little discourse about my work.  The discourse is scheduled to be given on Sunday February 14th at the Royal Airforce Association Club, Westby House, Golden Hill, Leyland, Preston, Lancashire, PR25 3NN.  The time is still to be determined, however I believe that this is an all-day event with various other goings-on occurring. 

I plan to be discussing my introduction to photography, how I grew in the medium and then discuss a large portion of my work, particularly my landforms gallery and current Iceland project.  I will be taking along plenty of prints to show, including some works in progress from Iceland.  Finally I will discuss future projects I have in mind before closing with a Q&A.

It is looking to be an enjoyable day meeting new photographers and getting to see other peoples work, as well as being able to present my own.  If you are free and able to come along it would be lovely to meet you.  Hope to see you there!