The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

The Return

Greetings dear readers!  Yes, I have returned from Canada safe and sound.  Well, mostly - I did break my nose towards the end of the trip but that is another story for another time.  Mountains were climbed, lakes were traversed, snow was hurled, wool was worn and, yes indeed, film was shot. 

I had an amazing trip, returning sorrowfully to the UK last weekend.  Last week was tough what with being back at work, jet-lagged and suffering from a severe case of the post-trip blues; but today I have returned to life, well-rested and fighting-fit (and with a partially mended nose too)!  Alas I only managed to shoot 6 rolls of film, a good amount but not quite as much as I was hoping.  As I have mentioned a few times on this blog I find it hard to focus on shooting when out and about with non-photographers, their soul-less stares as they sit quietly in the back of the car cuts right to the soul.  Still, there is film to be developed and printed and plenty left to shoot for future adventures.

On the bright side Jess also took her Pentax 67 with her and together we shot 8 rolls of colour (yes, colour) film of our adventures and hopefully I will be able to share these with you soon, something a little different from the usual fare on this site.  In fact as I write this post I am scanning a few frames.

As for the trip itself I know that many of you have contacted me saying that you enjoy reading about my trips so I will write up a nice lengthy post about the trip as a whole soon so you can get your teeth into it and have a (hopefully) good read.  What a tale it is to tell, full of landscapes, wildlife, joint pain, tourists, prophecies, wifi and coffee! 

But for now there is work to be done and I have returned with renewed vigour, eager to complete my Iceland project and move on to some Scotland and Canada negatives.  Also to get this site more regularly updated.  I have been promising many new tutorials and articles but have not been delivering on this promise.  I apologise to you all and promise to pull my finger out and get it sorted.  On the Iceland project note I have managed to get a new computer monitor and calibrate it and almost have my print scans at an acceptable level of editdom, hopefully you should start to see a few teaser pictures rolling out across this site and my various social media platforms in the coming weeks.  Something to keep the appetite whetted until the project reaches completion.

I hope whatever projects you have been working on have been meeting with success.  Feel free to get in touch to say hi and have a chat about what you're up to, I am always so excited to get emails and comments from the readers of my site!

I will leave you now with a quick phone picture of me taking a photo on top of a mountain.  Hands up, who's jealous!

Until then, happy printing!