The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

The Fibre-Based Paper Test

Hi everyone!  Just checking-in quickly whilst finishing off the working day.  Haven't gotten around to any printing since my return from Canada but I have got a few tutorial articles partially drafted and all my outstanding negatives have now been developed (following successful completion of my film speed test - more on that in a later article).

The reason for this post is just to make you all aware of a handy test which MartNL has carried-out over on the Film and Darkroom User forum.  He has made the same print over and over on various papers, keeping the developer and exposure consistent wherever possible; meaning that he can present a series of prints showing how each paper handles exposure and tonality etc. 

You have to be a member of the forum to view the albums.  If you aren't alreadymember of FADU I recommend signing up as they are all great people over there and there is a wealth of information across the forum for you to tap into.  You can access MartyNL's paper test albums here and here.  The paper used and exposure time is given beneath each print.

Hopefully that's a helpful reference point for any of you currently undecided as to which paper to print a project on.

That's all from me for now, hopefully I will be back soon with some new tutorials and, more importantly, new images to share.  Until then, happy printing!