The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

COMPETITION TIME: A Call To Arms, A Chance to Win!

Greetings all!

Yes you read right - it's competition time!  Here is your chance to win a print or two from my collection (in return for a small favour of course).

I am giving away 3 prints in total, 2 copies of my most popular print - Glencoe Cottage (see image below), and for first prize a copy of one of my prints from my in progress Iceland project.  The Glencoe cottage prints will be hand printed by me onto Ilford fibre-based warmtone paper and selenium toned.  My Iceland print will be printed onto Ilford fibre-based neutral toned paper and sepia/selenium dual-toned.  All prints will come with a signed certificate of authentication and, of course, my best wishes.

How to enter I hear you cry?  Simple.  Just follow this link and vote for me in the Fjallraven Polar contest (you will need a Facebook account to do so).  Fjallraven Polar is a contest held every year where winners form across the world are invited by Fjallraven to join them on a dog sled tour across the cold north.  As you can imagine I am keen to go!  So, once you have voted for me just return to this page and leave a comment on this post letting me know you've voted and saying hi/anything else you want to put; plus your email address so I can contact you if you win.  I am putting some trust in you all here as I can't see the names of people who have voted, but I can see how many votes I have had.  If I have got 100 votes and 120 comments on this post I will now that something fishy is going on!  On 20th December I will put all the names from those who have commented on this post into a box and draw out three.  Then I will announce the winners on this website and contact them via email to arrange delivery of the prints.  This contest is open to people from all over the world by the way, not just the UK so feel free to enter wherever you are from.

Sound good?  Smashing!  Vote away and I look forward to hearing from you!

May the best man/woman win!