The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

Skye (Oh Why)

Hi everyone! Yes, I made it to Skye safely after a 7.5 hour drive. As expected the journey from Loch Lomond onwards was spectacular with many a mountain, loch and glen admired.  Our cottage is in a wonderful location right on the shore of the sea with the mountains across the water - what better location could one ask for? We have visited a fee places so far and seen a bit of wildlife including herons, sea otters, deer and a buzzard. The weather is very changeable, heavy rain one minute then clear skies the next - the perils of a Scottish winter! 

Photographically speaking the landscape is teaching me a lesson or two. Every time I get setup for a shot the weather changes and the mountains get covered in clouds. I am finding many of the scenes I want to shoot impossible due to the lens restrictions of my Bronica and the ever changing weather. Also, as is traditional when out on adventure everything is breaking. Today the carry strap on my tripod bag broke and my tripod crashed head first into the tarmac leaving some lovely scuff marks. This lead to my tripod head plate being really loose, which I have just been able to fix now using a screwdriver (phew). Also, the battery in my Bronica ran out today so I have had to steal the one out of Jess Pentax 67 to use. What worries me now though is that it is entirely possible that the battery ran out days ago and I haven't noticed. In other words all the film I have shot so far may well be useless. Blast! I'm starting to wonder if I'm not just a terrible landscape photographer! It's good to be put in place every once in a while. Got a long day planned tomorrow and we're finally supposed to get a full day of decent weather so hopefully I will be able to salvage the photography aspect of the trip.  

Still, Skye is proving to be a most wonderful place indeed and the scenery is most breathtaking - particularly the Cuillin mountain range which we got up close to today.

I will leave you now with a little phone edit of Neist Point which we went to earlier in the week. A most wonderful sea cliff with lighthouse. I shot this place from a few angles and exposures and am hoping that at least one of them turns out ok.

2016-02-08 07.26.48 1.jpg

Ill be checking in again soon and hope to see some of you at the Lancashire Monochrome meeting this Sunday if you're planning to attend.  Until next time, happy printing!