The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

Lancashire Monochrome & Iceland Printing Update

Greetings all!  Just getting in touch with two updates for you.  First, if any of you are thinking of attending the Lancashire Monochrome meeting on 14th February as discussed in my previous post then it may be worth sending me a message to let me know as food is provided on the day and guests are asked to pay a £10 charge to cover tea and biscuits followed by a hotpot and apple pie lunch.  Visits are most welcome and I am assured that all members of Lancashire Monochrome are friendly and welcoming.  The event starts around 10am and if you're free I say come on down to meet some like-minded people and eat some hotpot.  If that doesn't tempt you then maybe the promise of a powerpoint presentation will!  I would also like to mention that Lancashire Monochrome have an Annual Members Exhibition at the South Ribble Museum & Exhibition Centre that will be showing from the 2nd until the 27th of February, I recommend checking it out.

In other news I am off to Skye for the week tomorrow (if you know where I live please don't break into my house), but have managed to get four of my Iceland prints done - toning and mounting and all!  I wanted to have at least a few done in time for the Lancashire Monochrome talk.  I haven't scanned them yet but here are some phone shots of the finished prints - I hope you like them.  Printed onto Ilford MG FB Classic (matt finish) and sepia/selenium toned.  As always just click on the image for a larger view and feel free to get in touch with feedback be it positive or negative, i'd love to know what you think of the prints.

Apparently the cottage I am staying in on Skye has wifi so hopefully I should be able to upload a few updates of how it's going up there - hopefully we'll get some nice clear nights so we can do some stargazing and aurora-watching.  The internet assures me lots of rain so expect so dark, moody landscapes as usual.

Until next time, happy printing!