The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

Death! The Unwelcome Guest!

Details of my death have been greatly underexaggerated.  Or so it feels at the moment after working in the shed all afternoon.  Not printing though, DIY!  Regular readers will know that my darkroom is a shed, readers from the beginning may remember how it was originally constructed - foiled bubble wrap was stapled to the walls then the interior was boarded out with chipboard.  Well, we've had a really wet winter in the UK this year with so many areas hit hard by flooding.  Fortunately my house hasn't been flooded but I have noticed a significant increase in damp in my shed. Some of the chipboard has been going mouldy and there have been a few light leaks appearing that never used to be there.  

As such a few weeks ago I left a dehumidifier and radiator on in the shed for a few days to help mitigate the damp a bit.  After a few days I decided to pop into my nice toasty shed for a little printing session.  It was roasting hot so I switched off the heat and got printing, but I was very surprised by how quickly the heat was lost and the shed was back to ambient temperature.  

After doing a bit of thinking I decided it was time to sort this damp out and get my shed upgraded.  This week I purchased 2 rolls of fibreglass loft insulation and spent the afternoon installing it.  It took forever to get everything removed from the shed, especially as I couldn't remove the inner doors so had to leave in my workbenches and work around them.  It took a long time and a lot of effort to remove all of the chipboard panels but eventually they were off.  I used some expanding foam to fill in some larger gaps between the shed panels and flooring, then used some silicone sealant to fill in some smaller gaps and form a waterproof seal.  Then I used a spray on adhesive to stick the insulation to the inside of the walls and then boarded the walls back up again before moving everything back in.  It sounds like I did nothing now that I'm typing it out, but it took ages!

By the time I got everything back in it was dark so I had to call it a day.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the insulation on the ceiling and then cover it in plastic sheeting, then sort out my inner doors.  They aren't very light-proof anymore so I am hoping to reseal them and get them up to scratch.

I can't help but think that maybe subconsciously I am doing all this to delay having to finish my Iceland prints!  I am very aware that I am fast approaching having to print the more difficult-looking shots and maybe I'm trying to put that off as long as possible! Anyway, hopefully I should be back on it soon and will have some more prints to show you.

That's a quick update anyway,  letting you know I'm still (kind of) alive and not doing what I should be doing photographically!  Hope all your projects and plans are going well and speak to you again soon.