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Kingly Gifts and Shed Upgrade Completion

Here in England we have random days throughout the year where the nation grinds to a halt, everyone goes nuts at the supermarkets and husbands across the land rise up, take hold of their power tools and start that DIY which their partners have been pestering them about for the past 6 months.  These days are known as bank holidays and exist for various reasons - easter/boxing day/just for the hell of it.  We've just had the fantastic combination of Friday and Monday bank holidays meaning four glorious days of sweet paid days off secular work. 

That's not to say that there is no work to be done however, and a large portion of my weekend has been spent upgrading the shed (ok, i've slept a lot too and, in true bank holiday tradition, have my BBQ primed and ready to receive a large leg of lamb this evening).  As discussed in previous posts I have been installing loft insulation into the walls of the shed in an effort to insulate it better, as well as sealing up the esged with expanding foam and sealant.  Work has continued over the weekend and I was hoping to install loft insulation on the ceiling, however it was took thick and sagged to much so I ended up removing it and sticking with my plastic sheeting sandwiched either side of foiled bubble insulation.  

Once all my insulation was in and the wall panels back on (no mean feat) I sealed up all the open edges and holes I could find so as to mitigate the water ingress into the shed interior.  Next I got to work on my electrical supply.  As regular readers may know I run an extension cable from my kitchen into my shed via a hole through the shed wall.  A flap on the outside of the shed provides semi-adequate light-proofing but this has been getting worse over the past few months.  To upgrade I purchased a small length of drainpipe which has a rubber ring inside.  I fitted this into the shed home after removing the box and sealed up any gaps around it with expanding foam.  I bought two lids for it, one of which I drilled a hole in.  I then removed the plug from my extension cable, threaded on the lid with the drilled hole and then reinstalled the plug.  The plug can now sit in the drainpipe with the drilled-hole lid sitting on the inside of the shed and the normal lid sitting on the outside when not in use.  It's simple but seems to be working really well so far.

Here's the external part of the drainpipe and lid. 

In the title of this post I also mention kingly gifts.  If you become jealous easily I suggest looking away at this point...  still here?  Right, basically I got given this for free (well, cost of postage)...


Yep, that's a 12x16 nova slot processor.  For those unfamiliar it basically heats up your chemicals to a chosen temperature and let's you slip your prints into various slots for processing.  The upside is that as very little chemistry is actually exposed to ambient air your chemicals last way longer than usual.  Plus it saves a lot of valiuable space in the darkroom.  

Now that my shed is back up and running I'm looking forward to using it.  Time to get back to my Iceland negatives I think, but first maybe a lick of paint on the shed walls...