The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

A Break, a Shuffle and a Spare Few Hours.

Good news everyone, all my Skye negatives have been developed (after a little tweak in my N development time) and, despite dead batteries and broken tripods, they all came out OK - sweet relief!  

I haven't been able to get into my darkroom much lately due to, well, life; however I did get a free afternoon a few weeks ago where I finally managed to get a few jobs done - pulling out some items I don't really use, getting rid of some excess shelving and moving some gear around.  Most importantly I was able to get a dehumidifier and heater in there to dry it out a little after the wet winter we've had.  The result is that my tiny shed is now slightly less damp and feels huge inside!  I'm thinking of improving the insulation so that it retains heat a little better - I am going to look into installing some fibreglass insulation on the walls and ceiling and improving all of the many, many leak points.

Finally on Friday evening I got in to do some printing.  My 4 blade easel was ready to go with a fresh new coat of varnish and my new recently acquired negative carriers were poised and ready.  I decided to commence by making contact sheets for my Skye negatives so that I could start thinking about which frames to print.  Although the desire was strong I managed to resist and maintain my promise to myself to focus on my Iceland project before printing anything else.  After that I moved onto some of my Iceland negatives which I haven't tried to print yet and started doing a few test sheets and work prints.  I could tell that I hadn't printed in a while because I was making some silly blunders, but soon enough I got back into the swing of it.

I have just spent a few hours this afternoon working on some more prints (wahoo).  I have two more that are potentially finished but I will have to see how toning goes this evening, and one more that needs a little more work before I can move on and get some more of this project finalised.  I am really enjoying printing the negatives and it has been a really good challenge so far, but I am looking forward to when they are all done and I can look over the project as a whole.  I'm really excited to share them all with you once finished and to get this website updated a little, then its onto the Skye negatives which I am really happy with on the whole.

So, that's a brief little update for you all so that you know i'm still alive.  I hope whatever you're working on is going well and i'll speak to you all again soon.

Until next time, happy printing!