The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

Anniversarial Enkeenening

I am acutely aware that I have written no new posts for this site in a long time.  Nor have I uploaded any new images in eons.  And that is bad.  Bad me.

However, what is this we see marching towards us on this horizon?!  Why, tis a turning point!

It was my 5th wedding anniversary a few weekends ago and I whisked my wife of to Edinburgh (she wanted to go, honest) for a long weekend.  Naturally we went a little mad and presents rained down from the sky.  Amongst the many wonderful gifts bought for me by Jess were two most wonderful photography-related gifts - Tim Rudman's Iceland book and "On This Earth, A Shadow Falls" by Nick Brandt.  Both wonderful, wonderful books which I have wanted for some time.  For those of you nt in the know here's the basics - Tim is a landscape and printing master and Nick sits in African bushes for days on end waiting to take photos of animals.

I've been a little disheartened with my Iceland printing the past few months as i'm getting my butt kicked around the darkroom - as such I haven't really done any printing lately.  Thankfully though a good flick through these two books has given me the boost I need and I have even booked a few days off work in early June to spend entirely in the darkroom.  So, expect some updates in a few weeks time and hopefully I will make some headway on these negatives!


In all its reissued magnificence...

So, sorry for being so quiet lately - I promise I will get some updates on here soon and be a bit more regular with my posts.

Until next time!