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And You Thought I Wouldn't!

You may recall in my previous post I mentioned that I had booked a week off work to catch up on some of my Iceland negative printing.  I'm guessing that you read the post and immediately thought "I doubt it very much David, given your recent record of print and bloglessness.  Well, to you I say WRONG!  I did indeed take a week off and I did indeed spend a large chunk of it printing.  So much so that I now have double-figures of my Iceland prints finished and ready for mounting!  Amazing what you can get done when the wife is not around and you have no obligations to be anywhere at any time!

You have likely already seen my posts on this blog and Instagram etc with the four final prints which have already been mounted.  Looking over them again I am still really happy with them which is reassuring!  For the ones I have printed last week here is a short video recorded on my phone of a little preview of the unmounted finished prints.  As always I would love to hear what you all think about the prints.  You may notice that they are much less bold than the original four with mostly softer contrast and a higher tonal range.  I don't think my printing style has suddenly changed, I think that is just the nature of the image being printed.  As before these are printed onto Ilford MG FB Classic (matte finish) and toned in sepia and selenium.

As always some of the prints were easier than others.  And, of course, there were good printing days and bad printing days.  Overall though all went well and I got there in the end.  I think I am just under halfway through the project now and hopefully I can pull my finger out over the next couple of months and get them all finished off.  I've got a fresh supply of paper just arrived this week and am currently shopping for some mount board (as my local supplier, it turns out, is a massive rip-off and has suddenly refused to cut the windows in the mounts accurately enough).  Don't worry, i'll try to keep my fingers away from the knife blade this time!

Let me know what you think of the prints, I have a few favourites out of the bunch in the video but would be interested to hear what your thoughts are.  And, as always, happy printing!