The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

Darkroom Tip of the Week

And today's darkroom tip of the week is... buy a whiteboard.  Seriously.  Put down pen and paper and pick up pen and whiteboard.  I just did and i'm never going back.  Simply wipe and re-write!

On another note despite anogising back problems (I have no idea whats happened, I just hurt) I have managed to get a few more Iceland prints done over this weekend (all hail Mrs. Kirby's friends who live far away and demand visits).  Some need a little more tweaking but I have one or two that are finally finalised.  Here's some phone shots of some off the finished ones...

What do you reckon?  I'm particularly fond of the distant mountain range one, it may have become a new favourite.  Looking forward to seeing how they all dry and getting to re-printing the ones which require a little tweak, hopefully sometime next week/weekend.

Hope you are all getting ok with whatever projects/prints you are working on!

Until next time, happy printing!