The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

The Meeting of Head and Wall

I realise that I haven't updated this journal in quite some time (3 months to be exact) and that's just shameful, a thousand apologies.  I am off to Canada next week for 3 weeks (let landscape fun ensue, amen) and have been very focused on planning the trip as we will be doing lots of touring about and mixing vamping with staying in apartments.  It's taking some serious organisation but I'm almost there, the main problem is in getting through each day at work!  

I was hoping to have some Iceland pictures to show you all on here before I went away but it looks like it isn't going to happen.  No matter how hard I try I simply cannot get the version of the print I scan and edit to match up when I view it on another device.  I know that all screens are setup differently but when I load my final jpeg onto my phone or laptop the colour is off by miles, as are the white and black points and contrast - the whole thing just looks completely washed-out.  I simply cannot bring myself to upload such a terrible file, especially when i can look on other photographers sites/social media pages and see an image that isn't too far off from the print.  I never used to have this issue before I calibrated my monitor which is strange.  I really don't know what is going on - if anyone has any idea then your input is most welcome. 

I have hit a bit of a stall lately with printing my Iceland negatives.  I haven't been into the darkroom in months, I've just been too busy which is a shame because I was finally starting to make some headway with these negatives.  Hopefully I will get back in there once I'm back from Canada and get some printing done, as well as sort out my digital workflow.  Sorry I don't have any better news to share.  I promise when I get back I will get some more regular updates on here and get some decent tutorials done.  I also need to do another print giveaway don't I as another website anniversary has come and gone.  

All that is left to say is farewell and until my return, happy printing!