The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby

Ilford Photo Website Article

I got contacted by Ilford photo a few or two ago asking if I would be interested in having a little article/interview on their newly revamped website (check it out, it's great).  This would take one of my images and go into a little of the background detail - shooting conditions, challenges, processing etc; a little like the "Behind the Print" articles which I sometimes post on this site.

Naturally I agreed straight away and a few emails bounced back and forth.  The article is now up on the website and you can find it here if you want to have a read.  The image chosen by Ilford was "Jokulsarlon Two" from my recent Iceland series.


I will be writing some more "Behing the Print" articles focused on my Iceland proejct prints once I have finished my house move and got my computer etc setup again (and started work building my new darkroom of course).  But until then hopefully this article should keep the curious among you satisfied for now.

As always if you have any questions about my prints, any darkroom technique queries or just want to say hi I am only an email away.

Until next time, happy printing.