The film photography & darkroom work of David Kirby


When I first got started trying to make photographs I was completely overwhelmed.  The only experience I had with cameras was taking snapshots on my phone and small point-and-shoot camera.  When I decided to start photography for real I decided I wanted to shoot film.  But there was so much to learn just to get a well exposed negative, never mind doing your own developing and printing!  I put in a lot of time doing research and asking questions, and the learning process is by no means over even after a few years have gone by.  A few months into my photography I set up a blog at where I posted the things I learned, how I made my prints and also tutorials covering developing and printing processes.  I have always been keen to share my findings with anyone interested and so I have brought some of my tutorials and articles over to this page where hopefully you will find something useful to apply to your own photography.  As always feel free to comment on what I write and share your thoughts and experiences.

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